City of Greenville

2023 Greenville Heritage Main Street Fridays

March 17th - September 29th, 2023
NOMA Square

We would love for you to volunteer with us Fridays at Main Street Fridays!

Once you select a position and shift, scroll down to the bottom of the page, provide the required information, and click "Sign Up to Volunteer". A confirmation message will immediately be sent to your email.

Event Details:
Please make sure you come on time for this event and keep to your volunteer schedule. The event runs from 5:15pm to 9:15pm. All volunteers will report to the Volunteer Booth across from Southern Tide at Noma Square (220 North Main Street, near the Hyatt Hotel plaza) for check-in at the beginning of your shift. Dress is casual.

City of Greenville Special Events nor the City of Greenville is responsible for parking tickets or fines. If you come after 5:00pm, you normally can find parking on the street or on a side street. You can park Friday in Richardson garage - pull a tag when entering and the gate will be open when you exit. During special events, they may charge $6.00. Please read parking signs before parking!

Someone will notify you if the event is cancelled due to rain. Do not assume it is cancelled.

If there is a non-profit group volunteering, all collected tips from the evening are donated directly to the volunteer group. On evenings without an assigned group, all volunteer tips are pooled together and donated at the end of the season to the non-profit group with the most volunteer hours.

If you have any questions, or need any more information please contact

**Age Requirements:
No one under the age of 10 years old may volunteer. Volunteers 10-13 years old must have a registered parent or guardian volunteering with them. If you are under the age of 21 years old, you may not serve alcohol.

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